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Dear Mr. Alparslan Ulusoy, founder of our company ;

Ulusoy Mühendislik Mimarlık Litd. Şti has successfully completed every single undertaken project since the first day it established and keeps on going ahead every day. We are aware of the fact that our accomplishment is the outcome of our quality and reliable service implementation on the base of strict principles of honesty.

We move forward safely  on the base of our professional understanding in every single issue without making concession from any values that were inherited  from our respectful founder over the last 22 years  through the route  guided us by our esteemed founder  Dear Mr. Alparslan Ulusoy.

Obviously it is clear that our professional employees and skilful  administrative staff are the architects in our accomplishments.  Our company maintains  all its business activities in a way that is the most appropriate for our employees in their career planning on the base of internal and external trainings  showing respect to their  personal rights.

Ulusoy Mühendislik Mimarlık has adopted the fundamental approach  emphasizing the sensitiveness to the environment and compliance with all rules and regulations. .

It is the fact that Ulusoy Mühendislik takes part among the most successful companies in Turkey and abroad  thanks to all its assets and experience in the business.

Our finalized and currently progressing projects are the solid proof of our accomplishments.  So we would like to express our  pleasure and thanks to all our employees and our business partners for all their efforts spent in the foundation of our successful  business..