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We as Ulusoy Mühendislik Mimarlık determine all our corporate policies with the conscious that the most valuable assets we have is the human factor because it is the fact that the human factor carries  us from the past to today and the future.

We have established the career planning, performance evaluation and training systems believing we could just have the continuous development and growth in accompany with the improvement of our employees.

Career Planning

Our employees  can determine their career goals with the performance evaluation meetings to be held individually  with their directors thus following up the realization of these goals,  they are promoted to the new positions in scope of the current projects on the base of subsequent needs.

Performance Evaluation

Our performance evaluation system is applied once a year.  This system that was established on the base of insufficiency and target is used by many other systems taking part in our HR policies.  In our performance system, not only the employees are evaluated by the directors but also the directors are evaluated by the employees.

Personal and occupational development tracking

Upon the practices  taking part in scope of our Performance Evaluation System, the feedbacks and requests  coming from the personnel  are taken into consideration to organize the personal and occupational development trainings  thus the performance is improved significantly.

Personnel  Satisfaction Survey

Thanks to the personnel satisfaction survey that  has been applied once a year by renewing the content, we find the chance to develop our current business activities considering our employees are the big part in solution based works.

Social Activities

Some various social activities such as the football tournaments and personnel dinners are organized to provide  our employees with enjoyable resting times.

Suggestion and rewarding

We qualify our employees as also our partners of the solution and management thanks to the suggestion system enabling our personnel to share their opinions personally..


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