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Project: Baku Flame Towers Project
Location: Azerbaijan / Baku
Employer: DIA Holding

The map engineering consultancy services are still carried out by our company.

The Flame Towers project is composed of three high towers in the form of flame and a shopping mall centre. The towers are projected to include the office, residence and hotel on a location with a whole view of Baku Gulf at a point where is seen from every corner in the city.

The height of the hotel tower consisting of 37 floors is 164.55 m ( with Flick roof height 207.55 m);

The height of residence tower consisting of 39 floors is 181.77 m (with Flick roof height 231.37 m) ;

The height of office tower consisting of 34 floors is 160.83 m (with Flick roof height 200.43 m)